Imagine having a high paid, exciting job as a professional Model. Walking down the catwalk at a designer show or seeing your photograph appear on the front page of Vogue or other similar respected fashion magazine.
Professional Models have the opportunity to travel the world and work in exotic venues and settings whilst earning thousands of pounds. Only the select few ever achieve Supermodel status but you can still become a successful Model even if you are not tall, thin or young. Join the Look of the year beauty contest by just send your most beautiful looking photo to, stand a chance to make your dream come true.
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Kids with good education will become a better person someday. Before, parents usually hide their kids at home when entertaining visitors and with this, kids are aloof on facing people but now, parents are more civilized to let their kids do anything even entertaining visitors and that would be a great training with their children in meeting people.

My 2 kids are going to school this June and I’m quite happy that they really smart at this time. That would be the outcome of sending them in exclusive school. They provide special trainings for those kids who is a little shy in meeting people.

Great training for young children like joining Beauty contest takes away shyness and can gained self-confident. Having beautiful body feature and talented are not only the assets in joining a Look of the Year Beauty contest but being confident and smart enough on meeting people.

Parents must be a role model to their kids also coz whatever the parents do, kids do the same. Kids are great imitator.
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One of my many dilemma upon arriving in UAE is finding a good dentist that will continue my ortho treatments. It took me more than a year to decide on which clinic to choose and give my full trust to. Aside from the fact that I need to research the reputation of the clinic, I also need to take into consideration the cost they were quoting me. Most don't seemed to be budget friendly as what I expected. Coming from the Philippines, our usual rate for Orthodontics package can go as low as USD 700. While here, price starts at USD 5,000. Why I am holding back? Go figure.

Very few companies offer Dental Insurance, which sadly is a huge restriction because I can hardly maximize the use of health insurance. It's a great benefit to those who frequent the Dentist, with discounts ranging from 15% to 60%, everyone will be happy.

I found out recently that there are two types of Dental Insurance Plan: Discount and Traditional. Traditional Dental Plan has been the only available option before which offers a less reliable package. Long waiting periods and Costly hidden charges are guaranteed in a Traditional Dental Plan unlike the Discount Dental Plan which offers a more comprehensive and practically easy to handle package.

Just last December, I found a good-priced and reliable dentist. I've been going to the clinic thrice already and I hope to see results with my ortho treatments before the year ends. I still hope though that my company grants us Discount Dental Insurance, so I can avail of huge discounts and excellent benefits.
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Grapevine is where the girls go and get together. This place’s got great smart fashionable women, entertainment, great coffee and food, and of course fashion.

This is actually a breakthrough in fashion community. It is the interactive and serialized daily story of 4 strong women who are professionally brilliant, captivatingly stylish, fiercely independent and role models for the female generation from 25 to 49 years old. Here, we as viewers are invited to get involved in the community. We have a chance to contribute our ideas, suggestions, and comments for the story. We are also invited to get involved in the girls’ personal life, from the clothing and accessories they have in their wardrobe, the choices of shop and places, hotels, airlines, and any other things that are related and mentioned in the story.

And, if we think that their choices of things are great, then we can purchase them online, by simply clicking on the story. If we have something that don’t suit our taste, we can get a chance to also contribute our own travel, food, lifestyle and fashion suggestions, comments, selections and choices.

It’s all about women fashion community and shopping!
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