One of my many dilemma upon arriving in UAE is finding a good dentist that will continue my ortho treatments. It took me more than a year to decide on which clinic to choose and give my full trust to. Aside from the fact that I need to research the reputation of the clinic, I also need to take into consideration the cost they were quoting me. Most don't seemed to be budget friendly as what I expected. Coming from the Philippines, our usual rate for Orthodontics package can go as low as USD 700. While here, price starts at USD 5,000. Why I am holding back? Go figure.

Very few companies offer Dental Insurance, which sadly is a huge restriction because I can hardly maximize the use of health insurance. It's a great benefit to those who frequent the Dentist, with discounts ranging from 15% to 60%, everyone will be happy.

I found out recently that there are two types of Dental Insurance Plan: Discount and Traditional. Traditional Dental Plan has been the only available option before which offers a less reliable package. Long waiting periods and Costly hidden charges are guaranteed in a Traditional Dental Plan unlike the Discount Dental Plan which offers a more comprehensive and practically easy to handle package.

Just last December, I found a good-priced and reliable dentist. I've been going to the clinic thrice already and I hope to see results with my ortho treatments before the year ends. I still hope though that my company grants us Discount Dental Insurance, so I can avail of huge discounts and excellent benefits.