Grapevine is where the girls go and get together. This place’s got great smart fashionable women, entertainment, great coffee and food, and of course fashion.

This is actually a breakthrough in fashion community. It is the interactive and serialized daily story of 4 strong women who are professionally brilliant, captivatingly stylish, fiercely independent and role models for the female generation from 25 to 49 years old. Here, we as viewers are invited to get involved in the community. We have a chance to contribute our ideas, suggestions, and comments for the story. We are also invited to get involved in the girls’ personal life, from the clothing and accessories they have in their wardrobe, the choices of shop and places, hotels, airlines, and any other things that are related and mentioned in the story.

And, if we think that their choices of things are great, then we can purchase them online, by simply clicking on the story. If we have something that don’t suit our taste, we can get a chance to also contribute our own travel, food, lifestyle and fashion suggestions, comments, selections and choices.

It’s all about women fashion community and shopping!